Sustainable Development as a Human Right (with Olivier De Schutter)

13th March 2018

In September 2015, the UN adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure prosperity for all people. These are the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to be realised by 2030. The Sustainable Development Goals replace and build on the Millennium Development Goals, and they make some important changes to the development agenda. One significant update is that they include an overt commitment to human rights for the first time. But what will the relationship between human rights and the Sustainable Development Goals look like in practice? How can human rights inform a more ethical and humane path to economic development?

**This episode is part of a special series on “Working Together: Human Rights and the Sustainable Development Goals” a British Academy project led by Professor Sandy Fredman, Fellow of the British Academy and Director of the Oxford Human Rights Hub. As part of this project, the Academy convened a roundtable in January 2018 with academic experts, policymakers and practitioners from the UK and overseas to discuss the ways in which human rights and developmental goals can work together to achieve the SDG agenda. Olivier de Schutter participated in the discussion.**

Produced by: Dr Kira Allmann (University of Oxford)
Interview(s) with: Olivier de Schutter (Université catholique de Louvain)
Music by: Rosemary Allmann

Listen to the podcast here.