The View Beyond Brexit: Equality Rights in Northern Ireland After Divorce (with Evelyn Collins)

14th December 2017

The EU has played an important role both internationally and domestically in EU member states, in developing and protecting equality rights in the interest of ensuring peace and security. UK and EU equality law has evolved very much in parallel, with regular exchange and cross-pollination. Today, equality commissions in the UK handle the protection and enforcement of equality law. The present Equality and Human Rights Commission, which is responsible for law in England, Scotland, and Wales, was established by the Equality Act of 2006. The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland was established with the Northern Ireland Act of 1998, a clear recognition of the importance of equality to the peace process. There are undoubtedly unique considerations and concerns with regard to equality in Northern Ireland, which we discuss in this episode with Evelyn Collins, Chief Executive of the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland.

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Interview with: Dr Evelyn Collins (Equality Commission for Northern Ireland)
Produced by: Dr Kira Allmann (University of Oxford)
Music by: Rosemary Allmann

[Recorded: 20 October 2017 / Released: 14 December 2017]