New Book – We the Women: The Unstoppable Mothers of the Equal Rights Amendment

admin - 16th September 2020

Professor Julie C. Suk has a new book out titled We the Women: The Unstoppable Mothers of the Equal Rights Amendment. The book tells the story of the century-long struggle to enshrine sex equality in the U.S. Constitution, casting generations of women as constitution-makers. Although the ERA was presumed dead in 1982, three states revived it in the last three years, unleashing a new battle in the courts and Congress over whether it can now become part of the Constitution.

The rise of movements like the Women’s March and #MeToo have ignited women across the country. Unstoppable women are winning elections, challenging male abuses of power, and changing the law to support working families. Can they add the ERA to the Constitution and improve American democracy? We the Women shows how the founding mothers of the ERA and the forgotten mothers of all our children have transformed our living Constitution for the better.

Purchasing the book from the NYPL bookstore supports the New York Public Library, whose research collections enabled the book to be written.

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