New Publications from the OxHRH Team and Associates

admin - 2nd June 2017

The OxHRH Publication Page is a dynamic teaching and research resource that showcases the latest human rights publications from our global network. The Publications Page is constantly updated with the newest innovative and thought-provoking journal articles and books. The latest editions are:

Shreya Atrey, ‘Redefining Frontiers of EU Discrimination Law’ (2017) Public Law 185

Nicholas Bamforth, ‘Articles 13 and 35(1), Subsidiarity, and the Effective Protection of European Convention Rights in National Law’ 2016 European Hmn Rts L Rev 501

Anne Lafaso, ‘Workers Rights as Natural Human Rights’ (2017) 71 U Miami L Rev 561

Alison Young, R (Miller) v Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union: Thriller or Vanilla?’ in (2017) 42 European L Rev 280

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