OPBP assists ACLU on consultation report 'Privacy Rights in the Digital Age'

admin - 16th March 2014

The American Civil Liberties Union has released a draft report for consultation, entitled ‘Privacy Rights in the Digital Age’, which drew on research work done by Oxford Pro Bono Publico (OPBP).

The report observes the development of communications technology and government capacity to intrude on privacy rights – and calls on the United Nations Human Rights Committee to issue a new General Comment on the right to privacy under Article 17 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.  The report contains a draft General Comment for consideration.

Oxford students provided comparative law research on surveillance, data retention, and the right to privacy – and contributed to the draft General Comment.  It is hoped that this cutting-edge research, and the final report, will help to inform the United Nations Human Rights Committee as it considers how to respond to recent revelations about global surveillance.

A copy of the report can be found here.

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