OPBP Makes Submissions to REDRESS on Victim Participation in Criminal Procedures

Arushi Garg - 18th April 2015

OPBP has prepared comparative law research for REDRESS on victim participation in criminal procedures. REDRESS intends to rely on this research to develop recommendations and/or a model legal framework for victim participation in judicial mechanisms for the prosecution of international crimes.

The Report analyses the law in nine different jurisdictions, providing summary conclusions separately for common law and civil law systems. Across jurisdictions, it provides a comparison inter alia of the surrounding legal framework, the right to support measures during investigation and trial, witness protection programmes, victim representation in court, measures for compensation and rehabilitation, as well as rights during appeal and enforcement.

The Report can be found here. You can also download the individual country reports on which it is based: Australia, Brazil, Denmark, England and Wales, India, Ireland, Italy, Norway and USA. Further information about REDRESS can be found here.

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