History and Impact


OPBP began operating in 2009 as an initiative led by postgraduate students at the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Law. Our constitutional mandate permits us to undertake a diverse set of projects that fall under the broad head of public interest law. As a result, OPBP has worked on subjects that range from competition law and consumer redressal to sexual violence and equality. Our project partners are similarly diverse and have included specialized UN agencies, prominent global NGOs such as Transparency International, public interest litigants, and judicial and state institutions. It is encouraging to note that over the years our research has resulted in considerable impact, occasionally even at the legislative level – the recommendations submitted by Professor Sandra Fredman and OPBP were included by the J S Verma Committee in its report to the Government of India on reforming India’s sexual violence laws. For further details, a full list of our project reports is available here.

The Executive Committee

Our work is spearheaded by the Executive Committee which coordinates with project partners, plays a key role in the project approval process and  oversees the rigorous research that goes into the preparation of our project reports. Previous student members of the Executive Committee have gone on to pursue distinguished careers, for instance, at the bar (Jason Pobjoy, Blackstone Chambers, London; and Laura Hilly, Victoria Bar, Australia), in academia (Miles Jackson, University of Oxford; and Shreya Atrey, University of Bristol) and in public policy (Dhvani Mehta, Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy, India).

Applications for students to join to the Executive Committee are customarily circulated during Michaelmas term.