OxHRH Associate Dr Cathryn Costello Wins Best Publication Prize

admin - 12th December 2016

The Odysseus Academic Network, a network of legal experts in immigration and asylum in Europe, is delighted to announce the winners of two annual prizes recognising outstanding and original academic research in the area of European Immigration or Asylum Law. In each prize category, €1000 is awarded to the individual winner or shared between the joint winners. The prizes will be awarded during the 2017 Odysseus Annual Law and Policy Conference “Beyond ‘crisis’? The State of Immigration and Asylum Law and Policy in the EU”, which will take place in Brussels on 10 February 2017.

This year’s prize is shared between two publications, OxHRH Associate Dr Cathryn Costello (Andrew W Mellon Associate Professor of International Human Rights and Refugee Law) for The Human Rights of Migrants and Refugees in European Law (OUP, 2016) which is the first scholarly analysis of EU and European Convention on Human Rights migration and refugee law that includes post-Amsterdam legislative measures and the Court of Justice’s key post-Amsterdam rulings and corresponding Strasbourg case law and Professor Marie Benedicte Dembour (University of Brighton) for When Humans Become Migrants (OUP, 2015) which examines the way in which the European Court of Human Rights and the Inter-America Court of Human Rights engage with claims lodged by migrants. Professor Dembour gave a seminar earlier this year for the OxHRH and Border Criminologies on the European Court of Human Rights approach to human trafficking.

 Congratulations to both Dr Costello and Professor Dembour!


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