OxHRH Awarded Funding Grant from the Sigrid Rausing Trust

admin - 13th June 2018

The OxHRH has been awarded a competitive funding grant from The Sigrid Rausing Trust. Our guiding principle is that human rights are immeasurably strengthened by empowering diverse voices to share best practice and by connecting human rights lawyers and activists across the world. There is an enormous need for easily accessible, free online, top quality analyses of human rights law developments across the globe. We have achieved an extensive global presence, with contributors from all over the world. Our work has been used by lawyers and policy-makers both at UN level and in individual countries, and by activists and individuals on the ground. But there is a need to be even more agile, proactive and strategic.

To fulfil the huge need for collaborative communities to in creating high quality analyses of current human rights law developments, the OxHRH plans to extend our range, especially to harder-to-reach communities (for example, through disability-friendly modes of communication and wider language capacity) and to widen our geographical spread even further. We plan to be even more agile and proactive in anticipating human rights cases, legislation and other developments, so that our website is an even richer resource for lawyers, civil society, policy-makers and the judiciary. We are innovators and experimenters, seeking new ways to use technology, tone, and format to better communicate and exchange human rights information.

We are thrilled to join The Sigrid Rausing Trust community and deeply appreciative that the funding grant will enable us to further develop a comparative global conversation on human rights.

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