OxHRH Publications Page an Innovative Research and Teaching Resource

admin - 28th April 2016

The OxHRH is pleased to unveil its Publication Page. It is an exciting new teaching and research resource that substantially furthers the OxHRH mission to facilitate cutting-edge comparative research in human rights law.

The Publications Page showcases the OxHRH Annual Reports, Blog Anthology and the Working Paper Series from our international conferences in Brazil and Rwanda which explore the complex relationship between gender, race, poverty and human rights. It also brings together the latest innovative and thought-provoking journal articles and book publications from our OxHRH Associates and members.  These resources discuss refugee law, discrimination under the European Convention on Human Rights, intersectional identities under the Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women, constitutional and human rights review in the UK, LGBTQI rights and the right to security. 

The Publications Page is constantly updated with the newest resources. This is an invaluable source that quickly and easily provides information on the latest developments in human rights law.


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