OxHRH Submission to the JCHR Now Published

admin - 20th October 2016

Under the auspicies of the Oxford Human Rights Hub, Professor Sandra Fredman, Director of the OxHRH and Rhodes Professor of the Laws of the British Commonwealth and the USA; Professor  Alan Bogg, Professor Labour Law; Alison Young, Professor of Public Law and Dr Meghan Campbell, Deputy-Director of the OxHRH and Weston Junior Research Fellow have made a submission to the UK Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights.

It is now available here.

The submission analyses the relationship between EU law and social rights in the UK and to demonstrate the implications of Brexit assesses its impact on working time and equality and non-discrimination guarantees. It then proceeds to examine how the UK’s remaining human rights commitments can fill the gap left by leaving the EU legal regime. The submission concludes with a series of recommendations: it calls for a strong principle of non-retrogression during the Brexit negotiations in relation to social rights in the UK; increased respect and domestication of the UK’s remaining international social rights commitments; increased scrutiny role of the JCHR and to see the EU law as inspiration for the domestic development in the field of social rights.


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