OxHRH Webinar: A Crisis of Refugee Protection? Is Now Available to Watch

admin - 13th November 2015

The OxHRH sincerely apologies for the the technical difficulties with viewing the webinar: Is there a refugee crisis in Europe, or just a crisis in the lack of refugee protection? by Dr Cathryn Costello and Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill.

Fortunately, the webinar was recorded live and is now archived and available for you to view here.

It is a fascinating discussion on the challenges, misconceptions and potential solutions to the situation of refugees in Europe. Dr Cathryn Costello and Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill offer an insightful analysis on why refugees take irregular journey and if Europe’s current response meets the legal framework for refugee protection.

For those interested in learning more on refugees, aslyum-seekers, the EU and the UNHCR, Dr Cathryn Costello and Professor Guy Goodwin-Gill have prepared a list of further readings.

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