Peking-Oxford-Stanford Conference on The Future of the Internet

admin - 10th November 2015

The University of Oxford’s Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy (PCMLP) is hosting a major conference on the future of the internet on November 23rd and 24th in Oxford. This event is organized in collaboration with Peking University, Tencent, and Stanford University and will bring together some of the major leaders in the field of internet law and policy to discuss and debate topics such as digital rights, hate speech online, smart cities and Internet governance and development. The conference draws primarily on the strengths of the three universities involved, and their networks, bringing together a unique collection of scholars and students, government officials, corporate executives, and civil society representatives. The goal is to inform research and strengthen the understanding of alternative viewpoints with a focus on the US, Europe and China, as well as global challenges


This is an extraordinary opportunity to debate and discuss the future of the Internet.  The first day of the event (November 23rd) will be hosted at the Magdalen College Auditorium- registration is free but space is limited.  For more information please visit here.

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