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Oxford Pro Bono Publico (OPBP) is the flagship pro bono projects run by the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Law. On this page you can find the projects produced by OPBP.

OPBP mobilises graduate students and Faculty members dedicated to promoting the principles and practice of public interest law on a pro bono basis. Through its projects, OPBP provides high-quality comparative and international law research to individuals and organisations around the world working pro bono on reports, expert opinions, amicus curiae briefs, policy submissions, and more. OPBP also runs an Internship Programme and organises and promotes public events which generate interest in and awareness of public interest law. 

You can read more about OPBP’s work here.

OPBP makes Submission to House of Commons Committee on the Human Rights of Non-nationals under ‘A New Magna Carta’

Zachary Vermeer 11th January 2015

On 1 January 2015, Oxford Pro Bono Publico (OPBP) made a submission to the Political and Constitutional Reform Committee of the House of Commons in response to its consultation on ‘A New Magna Carta?’, a report considering the possibility of codifying the UK Constitution, and the potential contents of such a reformed Constitution. OPBP’s submission […]

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OPBP Completes Research for Legal Resources Centre on Submissions to the Marikana Commission

admin 7th October 2014

  OPBP has prepared comparative law research for Legal Resouces Centre (LRC), Johannesburg, to assist with making submissions before the Marikana Commission of Inquiry. The Marikana Commission was established to investigate the police shooting of striking workers at a mine run by Lonmin plc in South Africa. In proceedings before the Marikana Commission, the LRC […]

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Executive Powers of the President under the Sierra Leonean Constitution

Kate Mitchell 29th September 2014

Executive Powers of the President under the Sierra Leonean Constitution: Report to the Sierra Leone Constitutional Review Committee concerning Executive Appointments and Commissions (September 2014) This Report was prepared for the United Nations Development Programme, in partnership with the Department for International Development (UK) and the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) for Sierra Leone. The report […]

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Competition Law in Georgia

admin 18th March 2013

Comparative research prepared by Oxford Pro Bono Publico for Transparency International on the implementation of an effective enforcement regime (March 2013) The Georgian government has initiated reforms of the country’s competition law, and Transparency International is participating in the preparation of a draft law on the subject. This submission consisted of comparative research on the […]

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The ECHR and Domestic Courts

admin 7th November 2011

Reconciling domestic superior courts with the ECHR and the ECtHR: A Comparative Perspective prepared by Oxford Pro Bono Publico for the Commission on a Bill of Rights (November 2011) In March 2011, the UK Government set up the Commission on a Bill of Rights, mandated to investigate the creation of a UK Bill of Rights […]

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