Pro Bono

Oxford Pro Bono Publico (OPBP) and Oxford Legal Assistance (OLA) are the two flagship pro bono projects run by the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Law. On this page you can find the projects produced by OPBP and OLA.

OPBP mobilises graduate students and Faculty members dedicated to promoting the principles and practice of public interest law on a pro bono basis. Through its projects, OPBP provides high-quality comparative and international law research to individuals and organisations around the world working pro bono on reports, expert opinions, amicus curiae briefs, policy submissions, and more. OPBP also runs an Internship Programme and organises and promotes public events which generate interest in and awareness of public interest law. 

You can read more about OPBP’s work here.  Further information on OLA can be found here.

Amendment to the Law on Criminal Procedure of Bosnia-Herzegovina

admin 24th December 2005

A research project produced by Oxford Pro Bono Publico to assist with the drafting of amendments to the Law on Criminal Procedure of Bosnia-Herzegovina (December 2005) This legal research was provided to Judge Malik Hadziomeragic, Judge of the Supreme Court of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and member of the Work Group tasked with […]

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International Human Rights Law Issues arising out of the Riots in Gujarat

admin 24th November 2005

A legal opinion produced by Oxford Pro Bono Publico for LC Associates (November 2005) This Opinion involved research into various international human rights law issues arising in relation to a suit filed in the Himmatnagar District Court by a victim of the riots perpetrated in Gujarat on 28 February 2002, claiming general and punitive damages against […]

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