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Oxford Pro Bono Publico (OPBP) and Oxford Legal Assistance (OLA) are the two flagship pro bono projects run by the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Law. On this page you can find the projects produced by OPBP and OLA.

OPBP mobilises graduate students and Faculty members dedicated to promoting the principles and practice of public interest law on a pro bono basis. Through its projects, OPBP provides high-quality comparative and international law research to individuals and organisations around the world working pro bono on reports, expert opinions, amicus curiae briefs, policy submissions, and more. OPBP also runs an Internship Programme and organises and promotes public events which generate interest in and awareness of public interest law. 

You can read more about OPBP’s work here.  Further information on OLA can be found here.

OPBP Completes Report on Reparations and Remedies for Victims of Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Olivia Flasch 29th January 2016

OPBP has recently completed a Report investigating the remedies and reparations for victims of sexual and gender based violence. The Report engages in a comparative study of nine jurisdictions by probing three broad questions: the forms of remedies and reparations awarded by judicial or non-judicial bodies, the formulation of these awards by the relevant bodies, […]

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OPBP Annual Welcome Event

Olivia Flasch 9th December 2015

OPBP hosted its Annual Welcome Event on the 1st of December. To a tightly packed audience, the new Executive Committee introduced themselves and thanked the previous Committee for all of their hard work and successes. Amongst the Faculty speakers were the Dean of the Oxford Law Faculty: Professor Anne Davies, Rhodes Professor Sandra Fredman, and […]

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New Oxford Pro Bono Publico Executive Committee 2015-2016

admin 17th November 2015

OPBP is delighted to welcome the newly appointed OPBP Executive Committee 2015-2016. The roles for this year are as follows: Chair: Ivo Gruev Deputy Chair: Ugo Raymond Ezeh Public Relations Officer: Olivia Flasch Treasurer: Ruoyu Li Internships Officers: Helen Taylor, Jacob Burnett Communications Officer: Louis Tranvanlieu We are confident that they will continue to drive […]

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OLA and OxHRH Participates in Oxford Legal Walk

admin 26th October 2015

OxHRH had a great time participating in the Oxford Legal Walk with OLA and the Oxford Law Faculty on Monday! The walk coincides with the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta and raises funds to ensure all people are able to access justice. For more info on the Access to Justice Foundation can be found […]

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OPBP Announces 2015 SAJAP Award Recipient

admin 10th September 2015

Oxford Pro Bono Publico expresses its heartiest congratulations to Michael Rhimes – this year’s recipient of the Southern African Judicial Assistance Project (SAJAP) award. Michael will clerk with the Namibian Supreme Court, providing legal research and supporting the judiciary in Namibia to facilitate the delivery of high quality, independent judgments. Michael has completed his BCL […]

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