Public Participation in the Lawmaking Process

admin - 7th April 2011

A Comparative Survey of Procedures for Public Participation in the Lawmaking Process: Report prepared by Oxford Pro Bono Publico for the National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (India) (April 2011)

This report surveys pre-legislative and legislative processes in South Africa, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States of America and the European Union in order to set out recommendations that will facilitate a fair, transparent and effective manner of enabling public participation in similar processes in India. In addition to information on international law provisions recognising the right of public participation, the report discusses participatory mechanisms in domestic jurisdictions under the following categories: (a) source of obligations to ensure public participation (b) types of instruments for which public participation is encouraged (c) manner of facilitating public participation (d) groups/entities involved in consultation and (e) practical problems hindering effective participation and the drawbacks of participatory procedures.

You can read the full report below, or download it here.  You can browse or search all OPBP’s reports here.


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