Recent British Court Decisions on the Death Penalty: Letting the British Government off the Noose? -Reader Jon Yorke (BCU)

Meghan Campbell - 14th August 2014

Recent British court decisions have considered the UK export of chemical substances used for lethal injection in the United States, the FCO blanket ban on providing financial assistance for British nationals facing the death penalty abroad, and the acquiescence of British security services in apprehending terrorist suspects in foreign jurisdictions who will face capital charges.

In this seminar Dr Yorke engaged with the principles of judicial review and assesses the British court’s application of international and regional law, and the justiciability of prerogative power, for implementing policies which have directly and/or indirectly contributed to the death penalty in foreign jurisdictions. Dr Yorke argued that the judicial consideration of the relationship of British national interests with the human rights standards against the death penalty, has on occasions produced quixotic results.

You can read Dr Yorke’s OxHRH posts surrounding this issue here and here.

Photos from the event:

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