The Business and Human Rights debate : Lessons from the Bodo Community v Shell Litigation in the United Kingdom-Dan Leader (Leigh Day)
16 Feb 2016, 1pm | Seminar Room D, Law Faculty, Oxford University

Dan Leader is a barrister and Partner at Leigh Day with over 15 years litigation experience.  Leigh Day’s international department specialises in ground-breaking international human rights and environmental litigation with a particular focus on group actions by claimants from the developing world.   In the field of business and human rights, Leigh Day has successfully brought group claims on behalf of communities around the world (including Nigeria, Kenya, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Columbia, Peru) against a range of multinational corporations such as Shell, BP, Anglo-American, Barrick Gold and Trafigura.

Dan Leader will explain the nature of Leigh Day’s international work, with a particular focus on the recently concluded Bodo Community v Shell litigation, in which Leigh Day secured compensation for 15,000 Nigerian fishermen whose livelihoods had been destroyed by repeated oil spills.  He will situate Leigh Day’s work within the broader business and human rights debate and, in particular, the current focus on access to remedy.

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Dan Leader
Dan was educated at Oxford University where he gained a first class degree and has an LLM in international law from UCL. He is an external expert member of the UK Government steering board which oversees the implementation of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.