Book Panel: Anti-Discrimination Law in Civil Law Jurisdictions – A Successful Transplant?

admin - 19th November 2020

03 February 2021, 5-7pm Online

Jointly organised by the Bonavero Institute pf Human Rights and Oxford Human Rights Hub, this book panel will discuss the findings of a recently published edited volume on Anti-Discrimination Law in Civil Law Jurisdictions. Since anti-discrimination law and scholarship on it developed mainly in common law countries, the book breaks new ground by offering a sustained, critical, legal and socio-legal, comparative look at anti-discrimination in civil law jurisdictions of continental Europe. While anti-discrimination law is largely seen as a foreign transplant, it does not fare poorly across the board. As shown by the case studies in the book, the success of anti-discrimination law varies by country, time, ground, concept and area of law. The findings also suggest anti-discrimination law’s success or fit in each jurisdiction is tied to various factors, from pre-existing law, to institutional choices and mobilization, to constitutional and legal foundations and narratives, to wider political and social context, especially in relation to the preference of individual or collective policy solutions.

Speakers: Barbara Havelková (co-editor of the book), Sandra Fredman and Colm O’Cinneide. Chair: Helen Mountfield QC.

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