Historic South African Silicosis Class Action Settlement Approved

Jason Brickhill - 21st August 2019

On 26 July 2019, the High Court approved a settlement between 20 goldmining companies operating in South Africa (including African Rainbow Minerals, Anglo American, AngloGold Ashanti, Gold Fields, Harmony Gold) and representative plaintiffs in the silicosis class action, described as unprecedented in its scale and complexity. The settlement establishes the Tshiamiso Trust worth at least […]

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Workers of the Fireworks Factory of Santo Antônio de Jesus and their family members vs. Brazil and why we need to talk about socioeconomic gender inequality

Natalia Brigagao - 18th July 2019

In 1998, there was an explosion at an irregular, high-risk fireworks factory in the city of Santo Antônio de Jesus, Brazil, which led to 64 deaths and left six people severely injured. Survivors and family members were not offered due access to justice, which led them to report the violations to the Inter-American Commission of […]

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Mobilising International Human Rights Law to Promote Tax Justice

Gerry Liston - 17th July 2019

Hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue are lost to governments – and particularly those of developing countries – annually as a result of deficiencies in the global taxation system, undermining their ability to realise a range of socio-economic rights. Yet Article 2 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) requires […]

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California is Poised to Expand Labour Protections for Workers

Catherine Fisk - 8th July 2019

California, many other states, and the United States government, have laws imposing minimum standards of employment (such as wages and hours), limited financial benefits for workers who become unemployed or are injured in the course of employment, and benefits for employees after retirement age or who become unable to work because of disability. Most of […]

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