Even the Finest of Warriors – A New Project on Wellbeing and Self-Care for Feminist Activists

admin - 13th February 2019

Even the Finest of Warriors is a research and a book project which deals with issues of mental health, self-care, and wellness in the field of human rights work that have been long ignored because they have been categorized as ‘personal issues.’ The project extends across three geographical stops and is divided into three phases; the first phase is concerned with Egypt and Tunisia. The research questions how feminist activists manage different aspects of their private lives and concurrently deal with the difficulties of being in the public space.

“حتى أقوى المقاتلات” هو مشروع بحثي لكتاب يتناول قضايا طالما تم تجاهلها، لتصنيفها الاعتيادي باعتبارها مسائل “شخصية”، على ثلاث محطات جغرافية؛ أولها هي مصر وتونس: كيف تقوم الناشطات النسويات بإدارة جوانب حياتهن الخاصة، والتعامل مع مصاعب وجودهن في المجال العام؟

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