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OxHRH Webinar-The Right to Security: Securing Rights or Securitzing Rights? -Dr Liora Lazarus (Oxford University)

09 Jun 2016 - 13 Banbury Road, Oxford University

The OxHRH with the support of the Bertha Foundation, is pleased to continue it’s innovative webinar series with an exciting webinar from Associate Professor Dr Liora Lazarus (Oxford University) on the right to security. The webinar will focus on  the historical origins, philosophical foundations, legal protection, and political implications of the right to security.  It will show […]

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OxHRH Workshop for Graduate Research Students

03 Jun 2016 - Mary Hyde Eccles Room, Pembroke College

Oxford Human Rights Hub: Workshop for Human Rights MPhil and DPhil Students Venue: Mary Hyde Eccles Room, Pembroke College Date: June 3rd, 2016 Time: 2:30pm-6pm The Oxford Human Rights Hub is pleased to announce its second workshop for human rights MPhil and DPhil students at Oxford University. This half-day workshop will bring together and foster […]

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Does the Autonomous Dignified Worker Have the Right To Engage in Civil Disobedience? -Prof Anne Lofaso (WVU)

13 May 2016 - W3, Hertford College, Oxford University

In a just workplace, one governed by rules, regulations, and laws that reflect the values of autonomy and dignity, workers have a voice in workplace decision making (have become part authors of their working lives) and are treated with dignity.   These autonomous dignified workers are better able to fulfill the needs and wants of themselves […]

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Different Logics for Different Grounds? Resisting Uniformity in the Interpretation and Application of Discrimination Law-Prof Colm O’Cinneide (UCL)

03 May 2016 - Seminar Room D

Discrimination law is a legal success story. It has put down roots in multiple legal systems, and its scope of application has expanded to cover multiple different grounds of discrimination and spheres of human activity. However, it still remains a source of controversy. Uncertainty persists as to its purpose and justification, as well as to how legal […]

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The Business and Human Rights debate : Lessons from the Bodo Community v Shell Litigation in the United Kingdom-Dan Leader (Leigh Day)

16 Feb 2016 - Seminar Room D, Law Faculty, Oxford University

Dan Leader is a barrister and Partner at Leigh Day with over 15 years litigation experience.  Leigh Day’s international department specialises in ground-breaking international human rights and environmental litigation with a particular focus on group actions by claimants from the developing world.   In the field of business and human rights, Leigh Day has successfully brought […]

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The Great Legal Bake

03 Feb 2016 - Law Faculty

What happens when CAKE confronts LAW? Here comes a great opportunity for those of you who enjoy baking and would like to help with legal assistance in our community:   The Oxford Human Rights Hub, Oxford Pro Bono Publico and Oxford Legal Assistance will be taking part in the 2016 London Legal Trust Great Legal Bake on 3 February 2016 in order to raise money for […]

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Politics of laïcité in France : The republican project under pressure (2004-2015)-Dr Stephanie Hennette Vauchez (Université Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense)

02 Feb 2016 - Senior Common Room, Law Faculty, Oxford University

Over the past decade, the legal principle of laïcité [secularism] has undergone radical changes. Initially a principle that guaranteed individual religious freedom and generated obligations of neutrality for public authorities only, it has evolved into a legal ground for curtailing the former and generating the latter for private individuals as well. Hence the multiplication of […]

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Religion and Human Rights

26 Jan 2016 - Seminar Room F, Law Faculty, Oxford University

John Bowers QC will discuss European human rights law and freedom of religion. The scope of what is a religion will be addressed. He will examine the effect of freedom of religion as a qualified right. He will consider decided cases on these issues:  wearing religious insignia, rights to circumcise, banning of ritual slaughter, Sabbath […]

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OxHRH Webinar-Counter-Terrorism and Security in Europe after the Paris Attacks-Prof Fiona de Londras (Birmingham)

22 Jan 2016 - Oxford University

The OxHRH Webinar is archived and now available to view here! The OxHRH with the support of the Bertha Foundation, is pleased to continue it’s innovative webinar series with an exciting webinar from Professor Fiona de Londras (University of Birmingham) on the security responses to the Paris Attacks in November 2015. The attacks in Paris […]

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Comparative Perspectives on the Right to Education for Minorities and Disadvantaged Groups

14 Jan 2016 - New Delhi, India

The Oxford Human Rights Hub, alongside Open Society Foundations and the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy is hosting an international conference on Comparative Perspectives on the Right to Education for Minorities and Disadvantage Groups on January 14-15, 2016 in New Delhi, India. Throughout the world, children from minority and disadvantaged groups suffer disproportionately from unequal […]

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OPBP Annual Welcome Event

01 Dec 2015 - Seminar Room A, Manor Road Social Sciences Building

The Oxford Pro Bono Publico cordially invites you to the Annual Welcome Event! OPBP is a renowned and award-winning organisation based at the Oxford Law Faculty and affiliated with the Oxford Human Rights Hub. Every year, international organisations and NGOs request our assistance with international and comparative law research on a range of public interest matters. […]

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Panel Event: UN Women’s Progress of the World’s Women 2015 Report ‘Transforming Economies, Realising Rights’

18 Nov 2015 - SCR, Law Faculty, Oxford University

The OxHRH is delighted to be holding a panel event for the recently released UN Women’s Progress of the World’s Women 2015-2016 Report ‘Transforming Economies, Realizing Rights’. UN Women’s flagship report, ‘shows that, all too often, women’s economic and social rights are held back, because they are forced to fit into a ‘man’s world’. But, […]

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