James Rooney and Ugochukwu Ezeh Awarded OxHRH-Rhodes University Fellowships

admin 27th April 2016

The OxHRH and Rhodes University are delighted to announce that James Rooney and Ugochukwu Ezeh have been awarded a six month OxHRH-Rhodes University Fellowships. This is a new partnership between the Faculty of Law at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, the OxHRH and the Legal Resource Centre, Grahamstown, South Africa (LRC). South Africa, and the Eastern […]

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Upcoming Seminar-Public Health and Human Rights-Current Challenges and Possible Solutions

admin 21st April 2016

Admissions to the Seminar “Public Health and Human Rights – Current Challenges and Possible Solutions” (19 May 2016), organised by the European Inter-University Centre for Human Rights and Democratisation (EIUC) are open until 5 May 2016. The issue of global health governance deals with the question how to regulate efficiently a panoply of actors in global health, such as international organisations, […]

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Day 2: OxHRH, Open Society Foundations and Vidhi Centre Right to Education for Minority and Disadvantage Groups

admin 15th January 2016

Today the OxHRH, Open Society Foundations and Vidhi Centre continued the cutting-edge conference on Comparative Perspectives on the Right to Education for Minorities and Disadvantaged Groups. With the move to focus on quality of education there is the new challenge of how to measure quality of education from a human rights perspective and how can […]

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OxHRH and Open Society Foundations Contributes to the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to education Annual Report to the UN General Assembly

admin 8th January 2016

On 29th of July, 2015, the Oxford Human Rights Hub and the Open Society Foundations (OSF) presented a live workshop on the Challenges of Public-Private Partnerships in Realising the Right to Education. The workshop was a pioneering multimedia event, including pre-recorded videos, a live studio panel, online Q&A with experts and live questions from participants […]

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