OPBP Completes Report on Reparations and Remedies for Victims of Sexual and Gender Based Violence

Olivia Flasch - 29th January 2016

OPBP has recently completed a Report investigating the remedies and reparations for victims of sexual and gender based violence. The Report engages in a comparative study of nine jurisdictions by probing three broad questions: the forms of remedies and reparations awarded by judicial or non-judicial bodies, the formulation of these awards by the relevant bodies, and the implementation of these awards.

The Report was prepared for the benefit of REDRESS, an organisation that seeks to end torture and ensure justice for its survivors. OPBP has a long standing relationship with REDRESS, and has commissioned a number of projects on its behalf including here and here.

The Report shall be used as part of REDRESS’ amicus curiae submissions before the Kenyan High Court later this year, where litigation stemming from the wave of violence that was seen in the post-2007 elections is currently under way. OPBP wishes REDRESS the very best in their submissions.

OPBP would like to thank Professor Liora Lazaurs for her supervision and painstaking contribution to the project. OPBP would also like to thank the student co-ordinator of the project, Mr Ndjodi Ndeunyema, and the team of student volunteers who generously dedicated their time and efforts in researching on the project.

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