Mobilising International Human Rights Law to Promote Tax Justice

Hundreds of billions of dollars in revenue are lost to governments – and particularly those of developing countries – annually as a result of deficiencies in the global taxation system, undermining their ability to realise a range of socio-economic rights. Yet Article 2 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR) requires […]


US Supreme Court split on the partisan politics of district drawing

At the end of June, the U.S. Supreme Court waded into the fight over political partisanship in American politics. In a 5-4 decision, the Court held in Rucho v. Common Cause that federal courts cannot strike down district maps because they are designed to help or hurt a particular political party. Notably, the Court itself […]

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Multinational Royal Dutch Shell summoned for insufficient efforts in combatting climate change

Citizens and organizations around the world increasingly take their concerns regarding climate change to the courtroom. Such climate change or environmental (public interest) litigation so far has primarily been directed against governments, such as the case of Urgenda v. the Dutch State. The recent Dutch case Milieudefensie et al. v. Royal Dutch Shell seems to mark […]

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**New** U of OxHRH J-Abortion, Reproductive Justice and the Possibilities of Reproductive Justice in South African Courts

Catherine Albertyn, ‘Abortion, Reproductive Rights and the Possibilities of Reproductive Justice in South African Courts’ (2019) U of OxHRH J 88 Abstract Women’s ability to control their reproductive destiny and choose to terminate unwanted and unsupported pregnancies is a core measure of their substantive freedom and equality. Arguing for a substantive recognition of reproductive autonomy […]


New book ‘Authoritarian Constitutionalism: Comparative Analysis and Critique’

Helena Alviar García and Günter Frankenberg have published a new edited book titled Authoritarian Constitutionalism: Comparative Analysis and Critique.   The contributions to this book analyse and submit to critique authoritarian constitutionalism as an important phenomenon in its own right, not merely as a deviant of liberal constitutionalism. Accordingly, the fourteen studies cover a variety of authoritarian regimes […]


The 2019 Guiding Principles on the Right to Education: The Drafters’ Perspective

The Oxford Human Rights Hub in partnership with the Masters in International Human Rights Law at the Department of Continuning Education, University of Oxford will be hosting a panel discussion on ‘The 2019 Guiding Principles on the Right to Education: The Drafters’ Perspective’. Date: Tuesday 30 July 2019 Time: 17:00 – 18:30pm Venue: Manor Road Building Lecture Theatre […]


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