A Global Audience Participates in the latest Webinar: Security After the Paris Attacks

admin - 25th January 2016

On 22 January, 2016 the Oxford Human Rights Hub, with the support of the Bertha Foundation, presented a live webinar on the Security After the Paris Attacks.

The webinar was presented by Professor Fiona de Londras, University of Birmingham and moderated by Professor Sandra Fredman, OxHRH Director.

The webinar was a great success, with active participants from around the globe – from Canada to Kenya, Finland to India, South Africa to Ireland.  Participants had the opportunity to ask question and participate in live audience ‘polls’ using social media and the hashtag #security.  Some of the probing questions explored included:

  • Should counter-terrorism measures be targeted towards the root causes of terrorism rather than reacting to the latest attack?
  • What is a workable approach to EU counter-terrorism to ensuring right to privacy are protected?
  • How do EU counter-terrorism affect measures to protect incoming refugees and asylum-seekers?

For those who were unable to attend the live webinar a recording of the event is now available by following this link.

This is the fourth OxHRH webinar.The previous webinar by Professor Sandra Fredman on the Right to Education, by Professor Alan Bogg on the Right to Strike and by Dr Cathryn Costello and Dr Guy Goodwin-Gill on the refugee crisis in Europe can be found here.

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