Animated Films of UN Treaty Body Rights

by | Jun 26, 2018

In October 2017, Wired Video began work on a project for the Office of the High Commission for Human Rights for launch in Spring 2018.

Although people have a vague idea that they have human rights, they seemed ignorant of the role of the Human Rights Treaties and Treaty Bodies that oblige governments to respect those rights. The OHCHR wanted to have a film which would appeal to 16-25 year- olds who were already starting to engage with civil society.

Wired Video came up with an idea of having a number of short films or GIFs representing individual rights (one from each core treaty) for use in social media, linking to a longer film which would explain the concept of the treaty bodies in an entertaining way.

Working with visionary animator Nicolai Troshinsky, Wired Video developed a concept based around bad things happening to objects. ‘Things do not have rights’.

The concept was inspired by the work of Serge Bloch, but using objects for their qualities, rather than their shape. By late March Wired Video had 11 finished films: ten short 30 second films – one for each core human rights treaty –  and one longer film explaining the role of Governments and the United Nations in safe-guarding your Rights.

The video can be watched here and here (where you can also find versions in French and Spanish).

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