Roberto Gargarella


Lawyer and sociologist from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA 1983-5); Doctor in Law (UBA, 1991). Master in Law (University of Chicago, 1992); Doctor in law (University of Chicago, 1993). Post-doctoral studies at Balliol College, Oxford (1995). Senior researcher at CONICET. He received a John Simon Guggenheim grant (1999) and also a Harry Frank Guggenheim grant (2002). He published numerous books and articles, including, “Razones para el socialismo,” with F. Ovejero (Paidós, 2000); “Courst and Power in Latin America and Africa,” with S. Gloppen et al (Palgrave, 2009); The Legal Foundations of Inequality” (Cambridge U.P., 2010), “Latin American Constitutionalism” (Oxford U.P., 2013); “The Latin American Casebook. Courts Constitutions and Rights,” with J. G. Bertomeu (Routledge 2016); “Constituent Assemblies”, with J. Elster et al (Cambridge U.P. 2018); and “La derrota del derecho en América Latina. Siete Tesis” (Siglo XXI, 2020).

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Rejection of the New Chilean Constitution: Some Reflections

Rejection of the New Chilean Constitution: Some Reflections

Image description: A graphic image of two people (represented as stick figures) throwing the constitution into a dustbin.  In the following lines, I would like to reflect on what happened in Chile on Sunday, September 4, after the ...