Business and Human Rights Resource Centre-Recruiting: Project Manager on our Iran Foreign Investment Tracking Project

by | Mar 31, 2016

Job purpose

To lead and deliver a joint initiative of the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran and Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.  The project will raise awareness of companies’ human rights responsibilities as they expand their operations in Iran, and will compare companies’ due diligence and performance in this context.

Terms & conditions

Length of contract: One year consultancy, full time – with possibility of extension

Compensation: Competitive for non-profit field

Location: London (preferable), or Continental Europe.  Applicants must already have the right to work in the UK – or if in Continental Europe, the right to work in the location where they are based.

To apply: By Sunday 3 April 2016 please send a CV, short cover letter explaining why this position appeals to you and why you are well suited for it, and contact details for two references, to:

Annabel Short, Program Director, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre: with “Application: Project Manager – Iran Foreign Investment Tracking Project” in the subject line.

About the project

Since the lifting of sanctions against Iran on January 16, 2016, foreign investor interest in the Iranian market has been significant.  This investment presents opportunities for the companies involved and for the people of Iran.  It also presents a vital opportunity to advance human rights in Iran, through the linkage of investment to ethical business practices.

At the same time, human rights abuses remain widespread in the country.  These range from restrictions on labour rights, freedom of expression and assembly, to discrimination against women, minorities, and migrant workers, and denial of the right to privacy.

It is essential that investing companies avoid perpetuating such abuses.  The Iran Foreign Investment Tracking project will provide guidance to companies on human rights in the Iranian context, in the form of a briefing and a set of principles.  It will also invite companies to respond publicly to tailored questions regarding their human rights due diligence as they enter the country, or as they expand sourcing from the country.  It will make this information available on a dynamic online platform so that companies and others can learn from examples of leading practice and identify areas where further efforts are needed.

The project will combine the respective strengths and solid reputations of the two partner organizations.  Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is the leading international NGO on the subject of business and human rights, and has pioneered a “foreign investment tracking” approach to business and human rights through its work on new investments in Myanmar, and on the construction industry in Qatar.  The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has drawn on its expansive research and investigation inside Iran to become the leading independent organization documenting human rights violations in the country.  Its meticulous research is cited by over a thousand media outlets around the world each year.  More on the two organizations is below.

Roles and responsibilities

Manage and deliver the creation and establishment of an Iran Foreign Investment Tracker for human rights due diligence, and a set of Guidelines for Foreign Investors, working closely with relevant colleagues from the International Campaign for Human Rights and Iran, and Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.


  • Develop and implement a clear project plan
  • Research and develop guidelines for companies to protect and promote human rights in their future operations and supply chains in Iran (these will be supervised by staff from International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran)
  • Develop compelling communications strategies and materials to ensure the guidelines reach their intended business and civil society audiences
  • Identify, through the media and other sources, the companies establishing new business in Iran, and the nature and scope of their investments
  • Develop a targeted set of survey questions for companies investing in Iran regarding their human rights due diligence – with specific tailored questions for different business sectors; approach new entrants to Iran with both the guidance to demonstrate due diligence, as well as the request for their due diligence plan
  • Present the guidance, principles, responses, and highlighted examples of good practice on a dynamic online platform, which will be available in English and Persian (Persian language work will be delivered by ICHRI and translators)
  • Conduct analysis of the responses received and write briefing notes
  • Strategic outreach to the global media, particularly in the home-countries of the companies covered by the project
  • Represent and present the project with relevant stakeholders, and consult closely with partners at regular intervals
  • Manage the project budget and progress reporting for funder(s)
  • Develop strong and effective working relationships with others within the project team.
  • The project manager will have the support of relevant individuals in the two partner organizations to carry out the above tasks, including the Executive Directors, communications teams, translators and website developers.

Required skills and attributes

  • At least 5 years’ relevant work experience
  • Strong knowledge and experience on business & human rights issues
  • Excellent, demonstrated project management skills, able to deliver complex projects to time
  • Demonstrated commitment to human rights, and interest in the Iranian context (note: deep knowledge of Iran and Persian language are not required, as this perspective will be contributed by ICHRI)
  • Strong communications skills; ability to communicate in a succinct and compelling style and to prioritize outreach for maximum impact
  • Ability to communicate effectively in person with stakeholders that will include senior people in business, investment firms, civil society, and governments
  • Strategic and outcomes-oriented approach to work

About the partner organizations

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Through its offices in London and New York, and regional representatives based in 13 other countries, the Resource Centre works to:

  • Build transparency: tracking over 6,000 companies’ human rights performance – their advances and alleged abuses.
  • Strengthen Accountability: seeking public responses from companies to allegations of abuse raised by civil society.
  • Empower Advocates: based outside and within companies in all regions, equipping them with information and tools they need to advance human rights.

Find out more at

International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

The New York-based ICHRI is the leading independent organization protecting and promoting human rights in Iran. ICHRI works to:

  • Document human rights violations in Iran: ICHRI meticulously researches and documents rights abuses throughout Iran.
  • Advocate internationally: ICHRI builds strategic public and private coalitions to hold the government of Iran accountable to its rights obligations, briefing government and UN officials and diplomats worldwide, NGO leaders, and private sector actors on Iran.
  • Build the human right community in Iran: ICHRI enables civil society leaders in Iran to speak out to the world and relay their most pressing concerns, while bringing critical human rights information and advocacy to the people of Iran.

Find out more at


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