COMPAS Seminar-The Refugee Crisis and the Rule of Law: An Uneasy Match? (Prof Cathryn Costello, OxHRH Research Associate)

admin - 8th March 2016

The final COMPAS seminar for Hilary will take place on Thursday 10 March at 2pm in the seminar room at the Pauling Centre, 58a Banbury Road.

Cathryn Costello, Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, will be speaking on: The refugee crisis and the rule of law. An uneasy match?

This week’s seminar closes the series on the Mediterranean refugee crisis with a legal assessment of the various issues at stake. Over the past seven weeks we have heard about the introduction of fences, the erratic opening and closing of borders, national profiling, suggestions to declare Turkey a safe country, readmission to Turkey, or failing to provide assistance to people in distress. Professor Costello will discuss the legality of some of these measures.

We hope you can join us for the last seminar in what has been a very interesting series!


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