Contemporary South Asian Women Narratives: Subversion, Resilience & Shifting Response

Meghan Campbell - 8th August 2017

Contemporary South Asian Women Narratives: Subversion, Resilience & Shifting Responses

South Asian women writers not only provide a detailed insight into women’s dilemmas regarding their situation, but also highlight their efforts to break free from the dominating and constricting cultural patterns inhibiting their development as self-conscious, independent beings.

 The Critical Thinking Forum’s members who will lead the discussion are: Dr. Munazza Yaqoob (Founder & Director CTF) and her team; Sofia Hussain (Project Research Assistant), Farhana Shamim (Core committee member), Sadaf Mehmood (Core committee member), and Summaira Batool (Core committee member) 
Join on Oxford on Saturday 12th 3-5pm in Turl Street Kitchen for what promises to be a fascinating discussion on the “Consciousness-Raising of Women in Predominantly Patriarchal South Asian Cultures”

The panellists will critically discuss the fiction/non-fiction of Pakistani and other South Asian writers in English, to explore and share how their narratives contribute in consciousness-raising of women in predominantly patriarchal South Asian cultures. They will discuss how these authors have attempted to dismantle the culture of silence, challenged the oppressive traditions, and thereby helped women to reflect on their identities and marginalised position in their society.

Women’s writings from this region contribute significantly in furthering the feminist agenda of consciousness-raising of women by voicing their concerns for the establishment of a more equitable society.

Come join us for this panel-led discussion on South Asian feminism

Hosted by the wonderful Critical Thinking Forum (CTF) from the International Islamic University of Islamabad (IIUI)

Coffee & Critical Thinking guaranteed

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