Filming for the Online Course on Strategic Litigation and the Right to Education

admin - 19th April 2017

The OxHRH is hard at working doing the filming for our upcoming online course on the strategic litigation and the right to education. The course examines the extent to which courts and international human rights bodies can be effectively utilized as part of a campaign to realise the right to education. It does so by drawing on the extensive experience of litigating the right to education in several jurisdictions, particularly, South Africa, the US, India and Europe, in order to draw out best practices and highlight the risks of such strategies.

On March 31st, we meet with a prominent South African advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi and Ann Skelton from the Centre for Child Law to film their discussions on how South African courts have been successfully used to enrich education.


The OxHRH online strategic course is deeply grateful for funding from Open Society Foundations and an ESCR Impact Acceleration Award.

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