Fostering a Human Rights Community: OxHRH Graduate Student Workshop

by | Jun 6, 2016

On Friday June 3rd, 2016, the OxHRH held it’s second workshop for MPhil and DPhil students at Oxford University working in the human rights.

Each student presented their work and received tailored feedback from members of the Law Faculty. Professor Fredman, Director of the OxHRH, opened the workshop advocating the importance of coming together as a community to explore the latest developments in human rights law. Professor Alan Bogg, Dean of Graduate Studies, Oxford University, also provided opening remarks: highlighting the importance of constructive feedback in refining academic work.

The first panel explored the latest developments in Human Rights on the International Stage. Kalina Arabadjieva (MPhil Candidate) and Professor Mark Freedland (Emeritus Fellow, St John’s College) considered the potential of integrated approach to interpreting the European Convention of Human Rights (ECHR) to bring socio-economic rights into the Convention. Patricia Kwast (DPhil Candidate) and Dr Eirik Bjorge (Junior Research Fellow, Jesus College) canvassed the challenges to developing a legal obligation to co-operate in international law. The final presentation on this panel, Thiago Alves Pinto (DPhil Candidate) and Professor Mark Janis (Visiting Fellow, Oxford University) traced the historical impetus to blasphemy laws to provide a clearer picture on the current challenges to religion and free speech.

Turning to the Domestic Developments in Human Rights, Helen Taylor (DPhil Candidate) and Dr Miles Jackson (Lecturer, Oxford University) examined the factors  that shape the remedial process when crafting remedies for the state’s positive obligations. Achas Burin (DPhil Candidate) and Professor Alan Bogg (Hertford College) discussed the synergies and differences in the common law and ECHR in relation to positive duties of prevention. The final panel Max Harris (DPhil Candidate, All Souls Examination Fellow) and Professor Timothy Endicott (Balliol College) debated the viability and appropriateness of the ‘so-called’ third source of executive power.

Thank-you to all who participated in this thought-provoking and fruitful workshop!

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