Human Rights for Future Generations-Human Rights and Budgeting Workshop

admin - 30th January 2015

The Human Rights for Future Generations Programme organised a workshop on human rights and budgeting at the Oxford Martin School on 29 January. Presentations were heard from Ann Blyberg (Former Director, International Human Rights Internship Program) Sally Ireland (Principal Policy Adviser, Children’s Commissioner) Rory O’Connell (Professor, University of Ulster) Angela O’Hagan (Research Fellow, Caledonian University) Jaakko Kuosmanen (Research Fellow, University of Oxford) Aoife Nolan (Professor, University of Nottingham) Diane Elson (Professor, University of Essex) James Harrison (Associate Professor, University of Warwick). The interdisciplinary group of scholars, practitioners, and advocates discussed the central challenges and opportunities in human rights budget work. Presentations focused – among other things – on the possibilities of integrating human rights better in budgeting, on the incompleteness of human rights as a guiding framework for budgeting, and on the need to mainstream human rights friendly economic thinking.

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