International Course: “Human Rights as a Universal Ideal: Global Threats and Challenges”

by | Jul 20, 2017

The International Center for the Promotion of Human Rights, UNESCO Category II, presents the first edition of its International Course on Human Rights: “Human Rights as a Universal Ideal: Global Threats and Challenges”. It will take place from Monday 23 October to Friday 27 October 2017 at the historic UNESCO Observatory Villa Ocampo.

Although significant progress was made over the last 70 years, we are currently facing a process that seriously affects, both directly and indirectly, the universal ideal of human rights. International law and global political institutions are evolving towards relative or extreme weakness. Problems such as global warming, humanitarian crises, widespread corruption or the persecution of minorities of all kinds are, among others, great challenges that more than ever require comprehensive solutions and strategies.

Not since the end of World War II has it been more urgent to debate the universal ideal of human rights, the main challenges facing it and the possible ways out of the serious global problems that are threatening it.

The CIPDH addresses this important topic from the perspective promoted the contemporary UNESCO agenda of Culture, Science, Education and Human Rights and the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development.

To implement this course, we invited a group of world-renown Argentinean experts and teachers in the field of human rights, to share their experiences and reflections on a particularly current and complexe theme.


The course is aimed at high-ranking officials from national governments and international institutions, researchers, academics and the staff of civil society organizations dedicated to human right issues.

Fellowships will be awarded to cover course expenses, meals during the course and transfers.

Period of Admission July 15 to August 15, 2017


The 5-day intensive face-to-face course integrates various dynamic learning approaches, such as simulation exercises, group discussions, traditional teaching and interviews, among others. The course will be taught with simultaneous interpretation in English and Spanish

More information can be found here.

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