International Women’s Day 2017

admin - 8th March 2017

For International Women’s Day 2017, the Oxford Law Faculty asked academics and DPhil candidates: what remains to be done for women’s rights? Using their knowledge and experience as some of the leading legal scholars on family, gender, obstetric and human rights law in the world, they answered.

Throughout the day a series of blogs will be published on the Law Faculty website exploring some of the most pressing issues in women’s fight for equality:

Sandra Fredman, Alison Young and Meghan Campbell: Harness Women’s Activism for Transformative Legal and Policy Strategies. 

Camilla Pickles: Reflections on Obstetric Violence and the Law
Philippa Collins: Human rights, Gender Solidarity and Workplace Culture
Jon Herring: The Right to Care
Barbara Havelkova: Sex/Gender and Hate Speech
Thank-you to the Law Faculty for curating this timely and important investigation into women’s rights!

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