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by | Jan 5, 2015

In 2012 the Oxford Human Rights Hub brought together experts from around the globe to discuss Elusive Equalities: Sex, Gender and Women. We are thrilled to announce that the presentations and discussions from the workshop have been brought together and published in a special edition of the International Journal of Law in Context. This special edition was guest edited by Catherine Albertyn, OxHRH Director, Sandra Fredman and Judy Fudge.

IJLC Special Edition

The goal was to bring together a multidisciplinary group of economists, political scientists, geographers, lawyers and sociologists from the Global North and Global South to consider the barriers and challenges to achieving gender equality in practice. The workshop, which included eighteen participants, aimed to explore current developments, to analyse existing weaknesses, and to identify future improvements in the ways in which human rights frameworks can address the problems that women face in pursuing lives they have reason to value.

Volume 10 Issue 4 of the International Journal of Law in Context Special Edition: Elusive Equalities: Women, Sex and Gender explores four key themes: gender equality and economic conditions, the need to broaden the concept of work, the interaction between gender and other social relations and the need to expand the understanding of equality. This publication makes an important contribution to ensuring gender equality does not remain elusive.


Contributions include:

  • ‘Introduction: elusive equalities – sex, gender and women’ by Catherine Albertyn and Sandra Fredman and Judy Fudge
  • ‘Elusive equalities and the Great Recession: restoration, retrenchment and redistribution’ by Janine Brodie
  • ‘Reversing roles: bringing men into the frame’ by Sandra Fredman
  • ‘Gender, poverty and the development of the right to social security’ by Beth Goldblatt
  • ‘From social welfare to human rights for girls – a path to achieving gender equality’ by Savitri Goonesekere
  • ‘The construction of identity and rights: race and gender in Brazil’ by Daniela Ikawa
  • ‘Equality through precarious work regulation: lessons from the domestic work debates in defence of the Standard Employment Relationship’ by Deirdre McCann
  • ‘Accessing pension resources: the right to equality inside and out of the labour market’ by Kendra Strauss

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