Learning Lessons for Litigators: Realising the Right to Education Through Public Interest Lawyering-Module 2

admin - 6th November 2017

In this module of Learning Lessons from Litigators: Realising A Right to Education Through Public Interest Lawyering, we look more closely at the tactical issues that inform the decision when and how to use litigation:

  • How do lawyers balance the interests of clients against the larger issues of transformative change?
  • How can lawyers present the facts and legal issues in the case so as to garner support for a right to education?
  • What role do social and political movements play in what happens in the courtroom?

In realizing a right to education, lawyers need to move beyond the nuts and bolts of the law and consider these broader issues.

Module 2

Block 1: Timing of the Litigation

Block 2: The Role of the Client

Block 3: Framing the Litigation

Block 4: Innovative Strategies for Public Interest Lawyering

Block 5: Building Support for the Litigation

Module 3 on Remedial Enforcement will be released Jan 12, 2018 at 2pm

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