Learning Lessons from Litigators: Module 4-International Human Rights Law

admin - 31st January 2018

Strategic litigation has predominantly focused on domestic legal processes. By ratifying treaties and conventions that protect the right to education, many states have agreed to be held accountable on the international plane. The UN Special Rapporteurs and treaty bodies such as the Committee on the Convention of the Rights of the Child and the even the European Court of Human Rights have been champions in holding the state to account for the right to education.

Despite this, international human rights law is an often overlooked in discussions on strategic litigation. But it could be an exciting additional tool in a strategy to achieve high-quality education for all. International human rights law can play a crucial role in  setting normative standards.  There is a current movement spearhead by CSOs to create Guiding Principles on the Obligations of States Regarding Private Schools.

This final module talks to CSOs from Uganda and UK who work at the nexus of national and international to critically understand the role that international law can play in strategic litigation on the right to education.

**You can watch Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3 here**

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