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by | Aug 18, 2016

The OxHRH Publication Page is a dynamic teaching and research resource that showcases the latest human rights publications from our global network. The Publications Page is constantly updated with the newest innovative and thought-provoking journal articles and books. The latest editions are:

  • Paul Craig, ‘Brexit: A Drama in Six Acts’ (2016) European Law Review
  • Meghan Campbell, ‘The Challenges of Girls’ Right to Education: Let’s Talk About Human Rights Based Sex Education’ (2016) The International Journal of Human Rights
  • Sandra Fredman, Jaakko Kuosmanen and Meghan Campbell, ‘Transformative Equality: Making the SDGs Work for Women’ (2016) 30(2) Ethics & International Affairs 177
  • Cathryn Costello and Michelle Foster, ‘Non-refoulement as custom and jus cogens? Putting the prohibition to the test’ (2015) Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 273
  • Carolyn Hoyle, ‘Compensating Injustice: The Perils of Innocence Discourse’ in Hunter et al (eds) The Integrity of Criminal Process: From Theory to Practice (Hart, 2016)
  • Katharine G Young and Kim Rubenstein, The Public Law of Gender: From Local to Global (CUP, 2016)
  • Beth Goldblatt, Developing the Right to Social Security: A Gender Perspective (Routledge, 2016)

This is an invaluable source that quickly and easily provides information on the latest developments in human rights law.

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