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The Right to Privacy in Employment

A Comparative Analysis

Marta Otto

At the beginning of the twenty-first century the term ‘privacy’ gained new prominence around the world, but in the legal arena it is still a concept in ‘disarray’. Enclosing it within legal frameworks seems to be a particularly difficult task in the employment context, where encroachments upon privacy are not only potentially more frequent, but also, and most importantly, qualitatively different from those taking place in other areas of modern society.   This book suggests that these problems can only be addressed by the development of a holistic approach  to its protection, an approach that addresses the issue of not only contemporary regulation but also the conceptualization, adjudication, and common (public) perception of employees’ privacy.

The book draws on a comprehensive analysis of the conceptual as well as regulatory convergences and divergences between European, American and Canadian models of privacy protection, to reconsider the conceptual and normative foundations of the contemporary paradigm of employees’ privacy and to elucidate the pillars of a holistic approach to the protection of right to privacy in employment.

Marta Otto holds a PhD degree from the Department of Law of the European University Institute (Florence, Italy). She is a former scholar of the International Society for Labour Law and Social Security Law, COMPTRASEC (Centre de droit comparé du travail et de la sécurité sociale), and CRiMT (Centre de recherche interuniversitaire sur la mondialisation et le travail). Currently, she works as an Assistant Professor for Social Security Law and Social Policy, at the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Lodz, Poland.

Nov 2016   |   9781509906116    |   256pp   |   Hbk   |   RSP: £65

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Religious Freedom, Religious Discrimination and the Workplace

Lucy Vickers

This book considers the extent to which religious interests are protected at work, with particular reference to the protection against religious discrimination provided by the Equality Act 2010. It establishes a principled basis for determining the proper scope of religious freedom at work, and considers the interaction of freedom of religion with the right not to be discriminated against on grounds of religion and belief.

The book locates the debates surrounding religion and belief equality within a philosophical and theoretical framework in which the importance of freedom of religion and its role within the workplace are fully debated.

This second edition is fully revised and updated in the light of recent case law from the UK and the European Court of Human Rights, which deals with religious discrimination and freedom of religion.

Lucy Vickers is a Professor of Law at Oxford Brookes University.

Nov 2016   |   9781849466363    |   320pp   |   Pbk   |   RSP: £40

Discount Price: £32

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 Life Imprisonment and Human Rights

Edited by Dirk van Zyl Smit and Catherine Appleton

In many jurisdictions today, life imprisonment is the most severe penalty that can be imposed. Despite this, it is a relatively under-researched form of punishment and no meaningful attempt has been made to understand its full human rights implications. This important collection fills that gap by addressing these two key questions: what is life imprisonment and what human rights are relevant to it? These questions are explored from the perspective of a range of jurisdictions,  in essays that draw on both empirical and doctrinal research. Under the editorship of two leading scholars in the field, this innovative and important work will be a landmark publication in the field of penal studies and human rights.

Dirk van Zyl Smit is Professor of Comparative and International Penal Law at  the University of Nottingham.

Catherine Appleton is Senior Research Fellow in Law at the University of Nottingham.

Dec 2016   |   9781509902200    |   544pp   |   Hbk   |   RSP: £70

Discount Price: £56

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 Human Security and Human Rights under International Law

The Protections Offered to Persons Confronting Structural Vulnerability

Dorothy Estrada-Tanck

Human security provides one of the most important protections; a person-centred axis of freedom from fear, from want and to live with dignity. It is surprising given its centrality to the human experience, that its connection with human rights has not yet been explored in a truly systematic way. This important new book addresses that gap in the literature by analysing whether human security might provide the tools for an expansive and integrated interpretation of international human rights. The examination takes a two-part approach. Firstly, it evaluates convergences between human security and all human rights – civil, political, economic, social and cultural – and constructs an investigative framework focused on the human security-human rights synergy. It then goes on to explore its practical application in the thematic cores of violence against women and undocumented migrants in the law and case-law of UN, European, Inter-American and African human rights bodies. It takes both a legal and interdisciplinary approach, recognising that human security and its relationship with human rights cuts across disciplinary boundaries. Innovative and rigorous, this is an important contribution to human rights scholarship.

Dorothy Estrada-Tanck is Doctor of Laws from the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.

Dec 2016   |   9781849468824    |   360pp   |   Hbk   |   RSP: £55

Discount Price: £44

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The State and the Body

Legal Regulation of Bodily Autonomy

Elizabeth Wicks

This book investigates the limits of the legitimate role of the state in regulating the human body. It questions whether there is a public interest in issues of bodily autonomy, with particular focus on reproductive choices, end of life choices, sexual autonomy, body modifications and selling the body. The main question addressed in this book is whether such autonomous choices about the human body are, and should be, subject to state regulation. Potential justifications for the state’s intervention into these issues through mechanisms such as the criminal law and regulatory schemes are evaluated. These include preventing harm to others and/or to the individual involved, as well as more abstract concepts such as public morality, the sanctity of human life, and the protection of human dignity. The State and the Body argues that the state should be particularly wary about encroaching upon exercises of autonomy by embodied selves and concludes that only interventions based upon Mill’s harm principle or, in tightly confined circumstances, the dignity of the human species as a whole should suffice to justify public intervention into private choices about the body.

Elizabeth Wicks is a Professor of Human Rights Law at the University of Leicester.

Dec 2016   |   9781849467797    |   192pp   |   Hbk   |   RSP: £60

Discount Price: £48

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