New OxHRH Communications Manager – Welcome Kira Allmann!

admin - 16th July 2015

The OxHRH Blog is delighted to welcome Kira Allmann to the team as the Communications Manager.

Kira completed a B.A. in Government and Linguistics at the College of William and Mary in 2010, where she was recognized with the 2010 Botetourt Medal for distinction in scholarship. She came to the University of Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship and finished an MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies in 2012, for which she was awarded a Distinction. She is currently enroled in the DPhil in Oriental Studies (Islamic World), where her research examines how everyday social media use is redefining public space in Egypt. She is supervised by Dr. Walter Armbrust.

Kira’s interests include social media and political activism, gender equality and labour rights, as well as the Internet and human rights, privacy, free speech and expression. She is a tech enthusiast and an avid writer — in both human and computational languages — and she shares this interest as a volunteer with the Oxford Writing Project.

Since April, Kira has produced the OxHRH RightsUp podcast series, along with Dr Laura Hilly and Max Harris. RightsUp is available for subscription and download on iTunesU.

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