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admin - 5th March 2020

The OxHRH Publications Page is a dynamic teaching and research resource that showcases the latest human rights publications from our global network. The latest editions are:

Mohammad Amir Anwar and Mark Graham, ‘Digital Labour at Economic Margins: African Workers and the Global Information Economy’ (2020) Review of African Political Economy 1 (forthcoming)

Mohammad Amir Anwar and Mark Graham, ‘Hidden Transcripts of the Gig Economy: Labour Agency and the New Art of Resistance among African Gig Workers’ (2019) Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space 1

Jessie Blackbourn, Fiona de Londras and Lydia Morgan, Accountability and Review in the Counter-Terrorist State (Bristol University Press, 2019)

Mary Bosworth, ‘Immigration Detention and Juxtaposed Border Controls on the French North Coast’ (2020) European Journal of Criminology

Mary Bosworth and Marion Vannier, ‘Blurred Lines: Detaining Asylum Seekers in Britain and France’ (2019) 56 Journal of Sociology 1

Cora Chan and Fiona de Londras (eds), China’s National Security: Endangering Hong Kong’s Rule of Law? (Hart Publishing, 2020)

Michael Ford, ‘The Fissured Worker: Personal Service Companies and Employment Rights’ (2019) Industrial Law Journal 1

Mark Graham, ‘Regulate, Replicate, and Resist – The Conjunctural Geographies of Platform Urbanism’ (2020) Urban Geography 1

Barbara Havelková and Mathias Möschel (eds), Anti-Discrimination Law in Civil Law Jurisdictions (OUP, 2019)

Tarunabh Khaitan and Jane Norton, ‘The Right to Freedom of Religion and the Right against Religious Discrimination: Theoretical Distinctions’ (2019) 17 International Journal of Constitutional Law 1125

Toomas Kotkas, Ingrid Leijten and Frans Pennings (eds), Specifying and Securing a Social Minimum in the Battle Against Poverty (Hart Publishing, 2019)

Linda Mulcahy, Meredith Rossner and Emma Rowden, What if the Dock was Abolished in Criminal Courts? (Howard League for Penal Reform, 2020)

Stefan Theil, ‘Excavating Landmarks—Empirical Contributions to Doctrinal Analysis’ (2019) Journal of Environmental Law 1

Stefan Theil, ‘The Problem with the Normative Content of Section 24 of the Constitution of South Africa’ (2019) 37 Nordic Journal of Human Rights 105

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