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by | May 27, 2020

The OxHRH Publications Page is a dynamic teaching and research resource that showcases the latest human rights publications from our global network. The latest editions are:

Başak Çalı, Cathryn Costello and Stewart Cunningham, ‘Hard Protection through Soft Courts? Non-Refoulement before the United Nations Treaty Bodies’ (2020) 21 German Law Journal 355

Cathryn Costello, ‘Overcoming Refugee Containment and Crisis’ (2020) 21 German Law Journal 17

Cathryn Costello, ‘Victim or Perpetrator? The Criminalised Migrant and the Idea of “Harm” in the Labour Market Context’ in Alan Bogg and others (eds), Criminality at Work (OUP, 2020)

Cathryn Costello and Itamar Mann, ‘Border Justice: Migration and Accountability for Human Rights Violations’ (2020) 21 German Law Journal 311 

Paul Craig, ‘Brexit, A Drama: The Endgame – Part I’ (2020) 45 European Law Review 163

Mark Elliott and Kirsty Hughes (eds), Common Law Constitutional Rights (Hart Publishing, 2020)

Mark Graham, ‘Platform Socialism’ in Benedikt Fecher (ed), twentyforty – Utopias for a Digital Society (Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society, 2020)

Mark Graham and Mohammad Amir Anwar, ‘Made in Africa: African Digital Labour in the Value Chains of AI’ (Social Europe, 16 April 2020) <>

Mark Graham and others, ‘If Platforms Do Not Protect Gig Workers, Who Will? (New Internationalist, 23 April 2020) <>

Laura Hoyano, ‘ABE 2016/19 has gone AWOL’ (Counsel, May 2020) <>

Tarunabh Khaitan and Jane Norton ‘The Right to Freedom of Religion and the Right against Religious Discrimination: Theoretical Distinctions’ (2019) International Journal of Constitutional Law 1125

Conall Mallory, Human Rights Imperialists: The Extraterritorial Application of the European Convention on Human Rights (Hart Publishing, 2020)

Marta Rodriguez de Assis Machado, ‘Mobilizing Roe: The Political Life of a Decision, Beyond Abortion and Beyond Courts’ (2020) 55 Tulsa Law Review 231

Ermioni Xanthopoulou, Fundamental Rights and Mutual Trust in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice: A Role for Proportionality? (Hart Publishing, 2020)

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