Meghan Campbell, Sandra Fredman, Judy Fudge & Shauna Olney, ‘Better Future for Women at Work’ (2018) U of OxHRH J 1

The articles in this volume, and the ongoing discussion they generate, demonstrate that although past legal interventions have only achieved partial success, the promise and potential of law remain. It is important not to dismiss the gains that have been achieved in some spheres and in some jurisdictions, partial as they are. Law still retains a vital role in modifying cultural norms and oppressive structures that underpin women’s role in the labour market. Properly structured, legal and policy strategies can and do empower women around the globe. To do so, however, we need to take a holistic view, which breaches the boundaries between work and home, between labour law and other types of law, and which simultaneously redresses disadvantage, addresses stereotypes and violence, facilitates voice and addresses structural change, taking full account of women’s different social locations. The articles in this inaugural volume of the University of Oxford Human Rights Hub Journal separately and collectively take an important step in opening up new and hopeful possibilities.

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