Oxford University Criminal Law Discussion Group: Expanding Liability for Sexual Fraud Through the Concept of ‘Active Deception’: A Flawed Approach

admin - 16th June 2016

The Criminal Law Discussion Group is hosting Professor Alex Sharpe (Keele) on Thursday 16th June  at 2pm in Seminar Room D (St Cross building). Professor Sharpe will be giving a paper entitled: Expanding Liability for Sexual Fraud through the Concept of ‘Active Deception’: A Flawed Approach.

The paper will be based on Professor Sharpe’s recent publication in the Journal of Criminal Law

Professor Sharper’s work on the concept of consent in the law of sexual offences, and its application to transgender and gender non-conforming individuals, is fascinating and highly relevant to the ongoing confusion around the scope of the current sexual offences legislation, particularly in cases involving deception and non-disclosure.

The meeting will be held in Seminar Room D, Oxford Law Faculty. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be provided, as well as sandwiches for those who would like to take a late lunch. Please do come along – those without a research interest in criminal law are also very welcome.

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