OxHRH Annual Report 2015-2016

by | Sep 23, 2016

The OxHRH is thrilled to release its Annual Report 2015-2016.

From its inception in 2012, the Oxford Human Rights Hub has been committed to fostering a global conversation between students, researchers, academics, practitioners and policy-makers engaged in the research, teaching and practice of human rights law. In our fourth year of operation, the OxHRH has established as a strong and energetic community and is now a leading platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on human rights.

This past year has marked an extraordinary growth in our digital scholarship. Our annual report is designed to showcase the rich multimedia resources that we have developed over the past year, including our webcasts, webinars and podcasts. Through the magic of technology, we have been able to create a rich dialogue exploring the newest challenges to human rights between Europe, North America, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Oceania and South America.

We are grateful to all the members of our team, Deputy-Director, Dr Meghan Campbell, Managing Editor, Richard Martin, Administrator Zoe-Davis Heaney and our blog editors Seham Areff and Victoria Miyandazi and the team of Regional Correspondents. Thank you to Steve Pierce from Oxford University IT Services for all the assistance in digital scholarship. We greatly appreciate the support of Professor Anne Davies, Dean of the Law Faculty.  We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Gullan & Gullan, and in particular to Kathrin Koebke, Kath McConnachie and Carli Schoeman whose creativity, vision and patience have been so important to the OxHRH’s growth. Last but certainly not least, we are enormously appreciative of the ongoing support of our funders: the British Academy, the Bertha Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Oxford University, OUP and Hart Publishing.

Ultimately, our greatest appreciation is to our online community of contributors and followers across the globe. We look forward to another exciting year!

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