OxHRH Participating in #40YearsRhodesWomen

by | Sep 11, 2017

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Rhodes Women, The Rhodes House is hosting a series of events on September 15, 2017. The day’s events include inspiring speakers on topics ranging from climate change to international relations to humanities and the arts; a chance to stand up for women’s causes from around the world; opportunities to give and receive mentoring; explore the passion projects and creativity of Rhodes women and a forum to discuss the impact Rhodes women have made since 1977.

The talent and passion of Rhodes women make the OxHRH the dynamic global platform on human rights that it is today. From Director, Professor Fredman to former Deputy-Director Laura Hilly, to Research Director Helen Taylor and Researcher Victoria Miyandazi and Communication Director Kira Allman and countless blog editors, the OxHRH has richly benefited from the impact of Rhodes women.

We are delighted to be participating in #40YearsRhodesWomen and look forward to discuss to commemorating this achievement and exploring the future of gender equality!

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