OxHRH Seminar Series: Summer Hiatus

Meghan Campbell - 9th June 2014

The Oxford Human Rights Hub Seminar Series is on summer hiatus and will be recommencing in October 2014.


In the meantime, please take a look at audio and photo coverage of this year’s expert speakers:


22nd November 2013

Measuring Restrictions on Freedom of Religion or Belief” (photos)

Dr Brian J. Grim, Senior Researcher and Director of Cross-National Data, Religion & Public Life Project, Pew Centre


26th February 2014

The Right to Seek and Obtain Asylum under the African Human Rights System” (photos)

Dr Chaloka Beyani, UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Internally Displaced Persons


27th February 2014

Discrimination Law: Meeting the Challenges” (photos)

Professor Sir Bob Hepple, QC, FBA and Chair of the Equal Rights Trust


22nd April 2014

Sodomy Revived: the Supreme Court of India Reverses Naz” (photos and audio)

The Hon Michael Kirby, Former Justice of the High Court of Australia


28th-30th April 2014

Women and Poverty: a Human Rights Approach” (photos and audio)

OxHRH Conference, Kigali, Rwanda


30th April 2014

Universality or Diversity of Human Rights? Strasbourg in the Age of Subsidiarity

Judge Robert Spano, European Court of Human Rights


13th May 2014

New Human Rights Challenges in Countering Terrorism: a Council of Europe Perspective” (photos and abstract)

Ivan Koedjikov, Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, Head of Action against Crime Department, Council of Europe


27th May 2014

A Judicial Conversation on Identities and Judging” (photos)

Justice Abella, Supreme Court of Canada, and Justice Baer, Federal Constitutional Court of Germany


28th May 2014

Comparative Equality Law – A View from the Bench” (photos)

Justice Abella, Supreme Court of Canada, and Justice Baer, Federal Constitutional Court of Germany


5th June 2014

Accounting for Rights in EU Counter-Terrorism” (audio)

Professor Fiona de Londras, Durham Law School and Co-Director of Durham Human Rights Centre


9th June 2014

Can Courts Review National Security?

Dr David Scharia, Coordinator, Legal and Criminal Justice Group, Counter Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate of the UN Security Council



We look forward to seeing you in October for another thought-provoking seminar series on cutting edge human rights issues!




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